one of the things that makes me fall for him

I’m a type a person that hates when someone or something interrupt when i’m eating. It just decreasing taste.

But this morning, when the guy and me having breakfast together, i’d notice from a distance a tasty looked bakwan in a different kiosk and i want it, feeling kinda lazy to get up from my seat, i provocally ask the guy, hoping that if he want it also, he can take it for both of us. Or maybe i’ll forced myself to take it for both of us, at least he could do the support.

But he say he did not want it, he ask me if i want it, i just say that it look tasty. He stop eating and looked at me, “if u want it i’ll take it for you,..”

I smiled, closed to ‘nyengir’ — Grinned– actually. “sure..”

He stands up right away, go to the kiosk, took the bakwan(and Filled Fried Tofu too!!! he knows i like tofu.) , pay them and handed the fries to me… hmmmm…..

“thank you….” I happily received those fatty food.

He continue eating.


4 responses

  1. madamme mummy | Reply

    may i request one of those tofu or better the guy sekalian, hahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. sure, but dont request to me, request to God..:D

  2. u’re lucky, he was in a good mood hahahahahahahaha XD XD

    1. gyaaaaaaa.. moodwrecker!!!
      luckily, he’s always in a good mood when it comes in eating…whahahaha..

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