Starting 2011

Last year’s goal was vapourated somewhere. I even forget what is it. 
2011 was started by making LiveJournal Account.

Somehow i wish i could write more often about my daily heartrash.

Today is 11 Jan, i am 11 days late.  But like they say; better late than never.

Soooo,..what are my goals for 2011? here it is….

Haha.. Actually this is not my personal goals. For the sake of someone who is blindly in love with me, he asked me to save him immediately!! Well, things will gonna be great when we married to someone who actually love us as it is.

2. TRAVELLING Abroad or at least awayyyyy from Java :p
Whether for honeymoon or just Holidays traveling.. with someone who willing to pay for all expenses includes shopping; WANTED: Mr.Cheisa!

3. 4 Wheel Drive Wanted!
Helloooooo, Hummer!!

  err… I’m sure i will not afford any hummer this year. It’s just a name for any 4 wheeled antiques who will stay on my garage every night.. heehee… Hopefully one of these babies… Double Cabin preferred, to do animal rescue or anything. Yiiihawww…

4. RENOVATE people.. renovate…
I really want to makes the kitchen to be more comfortable and hostable… So our close friends(who wouldnt mind near dogs) could comfortly stay there.
This image was taken from ""
Totally my dream kitchen!! — Check here for cool and great design of kitchen interiors..

Yayyy.. That’s it for now,.. I hope the list will keep on growing…

Hey, What is the meaning of life if you dont want anything…? 😉

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