To the cage..

I’m not happy…

Tumblr is like my whining records.

You’re not happy with this.  I’m not happy with this. So what we are gonna do now? Quitting?

I try my best not to push you in my chaotic life. So do you.

 You protect me from your limited world.

How can we blend in?

They say the best way is the hardest. They who? I don’t even know them. F**k them.

I choose the easiest way; Ignore everything as long as I am happy and not messing others.

Both of our live is not easy. Everyone think their life is not easy no matter how easy their life according others.

Being with me is a mess. If you think you can’t handle me. Or if you think being with me is a bad way of life, back off.

 Remember when i tell you it’s over when YOU say it’s over? It’s still valid.

Not that i don’t want to work us out. I just don’t want to push you in to the cage.

I'm happy in the cage as long as I'm with you. But I'm not sure you will be happy too.

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