What’s the first thing that you usually notice about someone you meet?

the eye!!! At first I will notice how he/she look at me.. just a glance, enthusiastic stare, lazy stare, or maybe oh-you’re-not-important stare..lazy stare/quick glance with a smile means that the person is trying to be friendly though we are not interesting to them or they kinda shy. Try appreciate and show them we worthy as a friend.

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2 responses

  1. jawaban yang sangat tidak kreatif dari gw: sama 😀

    eyes usually can’t lie!

    1. But a bestfriend of mine, judge a guy from his shoe..:D
      She’s one of my sweetest darling, whispers to me;
      “Dia sekelas sama looo… orangnya tinggi, lucu…gw ga tau namanya”

      Gw yang merasa dikelas gw memang ada beberapa (sekitar 3 orang) cowok tinggi dan lucu, nyaut: “Yakin lo dikelas gw?? yang mana siiih?”

      Dia: “Pokoknya liat aja deh, sepatunya yang Nike warna biru strip putih model bla bla bla..” (waktu dulu peraturan sepatu item belum terlalu ketat)

      Gw: “Gubrax..! mana gw perhatiin sepatu cowok2 dikelas gueeee…”
      So, eventhough the shoe also can’t lie, the eye is enough..

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