Sisters of Heart

She is one of my sisters of heart.

We share no childhood

We share no siblings

We share no parents


We did not grew up together

We did not feel the same burden.


We did not face the same battles

We did not defeat the same enemy


We have less similarity

We have so much differences

Like  dangdut and jazz, our instrument and rhythm are totally different.


But again, in these past years we’ve traveled together.

In a barely sinking boat, dealing with krakens, trolls and morphs.


I consider you brothers as my brothers and you treat my sisters like they are your sisters.

And we’ve become like friends who share a same childhood, siblings and parents.


We felt like we fought in the same battles, defeat the same enemy and suffer the same pain.


I know our journey will not always be together.

But you, as my sister of heart, will always have a place in my life.


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  1. sweet…I love the first pic!! totally…

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