I’ve got nothing to hide..except for thoughts that surely will bothers you a lot

Do you share all personal password with your spouse/mate? Like Facebook, cellphone, Twitter, personal laptop, etc?

I do!!

Well, we choose not to hide anything except some of our annoying mind (sometime).

We do share all of our social network password and personal gadget.

We both are freely checking on each others cellphone.  Anytime.. Though if we did, it means : I’m bored with my phone and I would like to see yours to see any messages and play games. And its not happen very often.


It is not like we constantly check it every period or time or something.  We both have the access, usable anytime but almost never use it. I’ve change my password for security reason 1 time and forget to tell M, and he suddenly can not log in, he just call and ask casually. I said sorry that i forgot to tell and we both have no problem. He change his password at the same time and inform me.

Other case is he needs to unsubscribe from one mailing list in his yahoo mail account, he ask me to do it since he is too lazy to do it by himself. And i truly forget his password since i never use it before. There’s a paused and he sound hurt “You mean, you forget my e-mail password? You never use it?” I laughed and said sorry because at that time I already have too many free e-mail accounts (5!!!). But now, only 2.


Why do i have to write this and open up our own personal habit?

Few weeks ago, a male celeb/singer wrote on twitter that People who needs to check on their spouse’things/account are lame insecured people.

And few days ago, a radio announcer (forget his name&station) also says that people who needs to know/ like to check their spouse stuff are insecured.

And frankly i kinda upset with these guy”s statement. To share or not to share is a choice. That is why some people are get along well and some doesn’t. Willing to share his password doesnt make my man lame and insecure!! And checking my accounts once a while doesnt make him lame and insecured also!!

Anywaaaay, i wrote these tweets to the male celeb/singer. Don’t care if he reads or not, just to express my vexation.

Cheisa Tanahatu
cheisa_MCheisa Tanahatu
enak aja so uncool/lame insecure!! Beda orang beda gaya. Trgntung msg2 lah.. if feel secure,why uncomfort of being checked?!
cheisa_MCheisa Tanahatu
My bf&i freely access/know each other account.Only to remind ourselves to behave. As feelings, human are fragile and dynamic
cheisa_MCheisa Tanahatu
trust. Is when u let her/him in her own space. also is when u let him/her have the access to/check ur space.
Anywaaaay, back to the topic.  My arguments can be seen above. And surely the needs of knowing access to your spouse’s personal space is not lame and insecure.

Its just a habit that good and fit to some people like me and not good and not fit to some celebs as above.
How about you? Do you have or share the accesses/passwords to your spouse personal space/accounts?

2 responses

  1. aaapppaaaa…!!!! siapa itu seleb dan penyiar yang ngomong begituuu..???
    gw sama sih kaya lo, berbagi password sama laki gw itu hal yang biasa, lagipula nggak jarang kalo internet BB laki gw lagi trouble dia suka minta tolong gw bukain e-mailnya karena ada update jadwal kerja terbaru yang mesti dia lihat…

    gw pikir orang-orang yang bilang seperti seleb dan penyiar itu sedang berpikiran agak sempit dalam suatu hal (gw bilang “sedang” karena gw percaya nggak ada orang yang bener-bener berpikiran sempit pada semua hal), pasti yang mereka pikirin adalah sosok seorang yang posesif atau pengganggu yang mau tauuuu aja urusan orang…

    saran gw untuk seleb yang ngomong kaya gitu: sebaiknya dia berkenalan dengan lebih banyak orang lagi, bukan cuma dikenal banyak orang :DDDD

    1. Well, gw lupa penyiar radionya sapa karena cuma denger seliwat aja.. Semacam radio anak muda gitu.. Kalo selebnya itu JFlow. 😀 mungkin dia lagi ilfil sama gebetannya yg terlalu want to know.. Hehehhe..

      Gw sih nyumpahinnya supaya mereka ngerasa head over heel about someone sampe akhirnya punya hubungan kuat yg menyediakan keleluasaan password.. 😀 ªkªkªkª =)) ªkªkªkª 😀

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