Your daughters must be monster for supporting divorce and family’s break ups without proper reason.


There is HUGE difference between not able and not willing.  These daughnster has feelings. Feelings that you never has any intention to make your wife happy. Everything you do is for your own good.

You never stop lying. Even when we know you are lying.

You never stop blaming other. Even when you know we are hurt by your action.

We love you, but somehow, you did not show that you love us back.

We just your obligation which stop when we able to fed our self.

Most of the time, we did not have a father. Again, you blaming on condition for this.

You always have a reason for hurting us;  Condition.

You take whats good and deny whats bad.

You ALWAYS right as if you are GOD.

Only your way, can not take any other way.

Instead of protecting our heart from thorn, you make us feel the thorn.

You make us to feel sadness in a cruel way. You force us to suffer by your standard.


Dear Father,

Every flesh, bloods and nerves grow by your money.

Each school we attend is also by your money.

All the fun we had as a little girl, are mostly you, since mom are enemy no.1.

Every strength of holding tears we do learn it from you.

Every clothes we own, its your money.

Every pride, degree’s and intelligence are yours.

We never wants this family to be apart.

But if you think all of this happen because we support it, so be it.

We gladly will take the blame from you.

Tell everybody all of this happen because of your vicious egoistic cruel first daughter. I don’t mind.

I am willing to take the blame from you.


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