Everybody notice

(that) “Everybody” ALWAYS notice (my) mistakes. But NEVER wanna know why. Then, should i care?

That my previous statement on Twitter.

This morning I’ve made a 2 mistakes. One of them is I really do feel very sorry about, lets call it mistake A. But the second mistakes is the one that i did not feel sorry at all.

So when I was told that everybody notice that I ALWAYS doing second mistake, I am burn.

Burn because I did not ALWAYS doing things they said ALWAYS NOTICE that I am doing it.

Well, I do doing it often.  But not always. I did not doing it on purpose but I did not feel really sorry.


1.  I have my own reason for letting myself  doing it often.

2. I did things to replace any loss that caused by that mistakes.

I have tried to tell that I did not always doing second mistake. Then I am told that everybody notice. My response is Thank you. To avoid further damage.

But actually, I’m in the urge of telling my feelings anyway. But i don’t want to  bother her again.

So this note was published.always notice

I don’t know, but when i notice like someone always doing the same mistakes, i feel like i need to tell him/her. OR that means that I don’t have enough work to do.

Orang koq ya bisa jahat banget 😦

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