Time may change me, But you cant trace time.. — David Bowie on Change

I’m changing Blog address.

From Chuwey to Lady Mongrel.

I forgot why in the first time i decide to use the name Chuwey.

While the reason I transforming to Lady Mongrel is, as a (almost) 30 yo women with 1 babyboy, name Chuwey is just way too cute. Its like a name of cartoon character for a duck, baby duck.

While Mongrel, I love that term. Mongrel in Bahasa is what you called a mixed breed dogs. Also as for village dog, who did not have specific race.  I did not have a specific culture/inheritance. My great grandparents already from mix marriage.

Its all mixed up.

The term lady usually used for well behaved grown woman. I am actually not well-behaved. But someones gotta dream rights? :p

Well,.. so moved on to will stay exist but I’m no longer post there. This will be my last post on chuwey.

While for ladymongrel, I include chuwey in her. All post and comment from/to chuwey, exist in ladymongrel.

Chuwey is not ladymongrel, but a part of ladymongrel.

Thank you for reading and hope I can be more informative.

And last but not least.. my newest referrence on behavior:

The Dowager Countess@theLadyGrantham :

I am neither a liberal nor a conservative. I am only firmly against idiocy.

Woman never argues, she only explain why she is right.


6 responses

  1. Selamat pindahan, mesti ganti alamat yg di follow dong yaaa

    1. Makasiiiiiiiih..
      kayaknya kurang cocok, udah ibuk-ibuk namanya masih chuwey.. ihihihi…
      Iyaaa.. Makasih Mrs.Now .. jadi +keren yak title nya..hihihihi..

      1. Haha koq msh pk link yg lama?

      2. hmmm.. iyaaahhh… gimana cara gantinya yak.. hiks.. #ubekubekwpdulu

  2. jadi enakan blogspot atau wordpress kaaa? eheheee. salam buat anaknya dari anak-anak aku yaaaaa. Eheheee. Semangat terus ya ibu mudaaaa!

    Thank you for walking to :)))

    1. aku lebih sreg wordpress.. ini pindahan antar wordpress juga koq.. dulu sempet bikin di blogspot tapi kurang familiar..
      hayooo..cek2 posting terbaru di yaaa.. 😀
      Makasih udah mampiir..

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