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A day away from Papua..

Can’t imagine that from tomorrow night, i will not be in Jakarta.

I’m out of Java island!! CIHUY.


Heading to the west

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Sisters of Heart

She is one of my sisters of heart.

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What’s the first thing that you usually notice about someone you meet?

the eye!!! At first I will notice how he/she look at me.. just a glance, enthusiastic stare, lazy stare, or maybe oh-you’re-not-important stare..lazy stare/quick glance with a smile means that the person is trying to be friendly though we are not interesting to them or they kinda shy. Try appreciate and show them we worthy as a friend.

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my desk as a temporary bin.. :D

After giving a brief guidelines while having (his late) brunch (or lunch appetizer) on my desk, my boss left me a ‘souvenir’..

I notice it after few minutes he left and for a second i wonder how, who and when… 😀

Instead of tossing immediately to trash bin, i capture it first.. heehee..

Evidence evidence, people!

Gee, Thanks Boss!! 😀 Thanks for not leaving crumbs..

Next time, leave the unopened one, please..


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